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Rare are the people who have seen a barrel organ in their life.Bea Barrel Organ Classical

This old fashioned musical instrument is in Hong Kong for the first time.

Both adults and children will be captivated by this inspiring instrument where music comes from holes perforated in a cardboard.

Its sound can be described as romantic, festive and magical.

Perfect for outdoor events, festivals, family day, carnivals, theme parties, wedding.

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Repertoire for Classical theme:

Alla Turca (by Mozart), Kindersymphonie (by Mozart), The marriage of Figaro (by Mozart), Rondo en Do (by Mozart), Petite musique de nuit (by Mozart),

Fortunio (by Offenbach), Parisian life (by Offenbach), Orfee aux enfers - Can Can (by Offenbach),

Emperor waltz (by Strauss), the blue Danube waltz (by Strauss),

Letters to Elyse (by Beethoven),

Valse du petit chien (by Chopin),

Collines de Manchourie (by Illia Chatrov), etc.


No sound system is required

Strolling performance only

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